Belgian Data Protection Authority Issues Six-Month Post-GDPR Implementation Status

Author:Mr Laurent De Muyter, Undine von Diemar, Olivier Haas, Jörg Hladjk, Bastiaan A. Kout, Jonathon Little, Martin Lotz, Hatziri Minaudier, Selma Olthof, Audrey M. Paquet, Sara Rizzon, Irene Robledo, Elizabeth A. Robertson and Rhys Thomas
Profession:Jones Day

On November 23, the Belgian Data Protection Authority ("DPA") published a status report on GDPR implementation (source documents in French and in Dutch). According to the report, there have been 317 data breach notifications (versus 13 in 2017), 3,599 information requests (versus 2,145 in 2017), 148 complaints/requests (versus 76 in 2017), 137 opinion requests (versus 44 in 2017), and 3,540 notifications of data protection officers. The report also...

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